c'est ce que je suis

Pianist. Writer.
Thinker. Designer.
Dreamer. Lover.
Laugher. Fighter. hide


the NHL is 50% hot dads and 50% bad puns and 100% b o o t y 


I’d go south on 88 if you know what I mean.

I am in the Phoenix airport waiting for my flight to Tucson… I am super jet lagged and exhausted… and I missed the first two days of my sophomore year and I had to beg my professor to save my seat in his class because it’s in such high demand. 

I’m gonna go crazyy. 


You are the Brendan Gallagher of my Alex Galchenyuk
The Tyler Seguin of my Jamie Benn
The Roberto Luongo of my Eddie Lack
The Max Pacioretty of my Lars Eller
The PK Subban of my Carey Price
The Sidney Crosby of my Evgeni Malkin



Oh Twitter..

Biz is a true beauty and it always humors me to see these people chirping him on twitter. He plays in the NHL, the best hockey league in the world, and is one of the toughest guys in the league. Chirp him from twitter and he’ll continue to count his cash. Here’s to a long, successful career Biz. Please, be the beauty that you are forever.